Sunday, April 30th

Youth activities begin at 10a in the Forum and end at 1p in Tower Room… also, sign up to volunteer as a student or adult chaperone at this year’s 30 Hour Famine Event!


Student Services Start Tomorrow!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of STUDENT WORSHIP: Services For/Featuring Young People. All students in grades K-12 are invited!
This all-campus ministry is designed to celebrate our children and youth and prepare them for church leadership. Our hope is to meet every Sunday at 10a beginning tomorrow. For the foreseeable future, we’ll meet in the Forum.

After the service, students will be guided into age-specific Bible Study groups… Middle School and High School Bible Study will meet separately upstairs in the Education Building.

We think the majority of young people will love attending worship services together, but will love being a part of the leadership even more. Here are a few ways to start getting involved:

– Join the Welcoming Team
– Give a Special Music/Talent Offering
– Be a Memory Verse Guide
– Help the Tech Crew
– Bring friends!

"Hey, wait! This doesn’t sound like the SHACK at all!", said an imaginary voice in Justin’s head.

Nope, this isn’t like the SHACK at all… and we don’t want to ruin a a sure thing by replacing it with an experiment. That’s why the SHACK, while evolving, is remaining it’s own thing – in Small Group Form. So "Justin Party" mini games and raffles, etc aren’t going away… we just need a few weeks of tinkering with Student Worship and celebrating Easter before we weave the SHACK: TAKE TWO back into the Sunday Mix.

"Wow, that was a lot of information!"

No worries, here’s the simple Summary: Students can count on age-appropriate activities starting at 10a every Sunday in the Forum and fellowship (hang-out time) until 1p every Sunday in the Tower Room.

And, of course, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be at church for all 3 hours, you are more than welcome to arrive when you can and leave when you must.

I’m always available for questions.

Thanks, and CU@theSHTUFF

Sunday, March 5th

The SHACK is BACK and we’re taking over the streets…

Okay, not exactly. But The 626 Golden Streets Event will be happening so cars should enter the campus from Oak Street.

Here’s a breakdown of events:
11:30a – All Campus Contemporary Worship Service in Gray Hall
12:30ish – Youth SHACK in Library
1:30ish – Switch things up in and around the Tower Room
3:00 – END of DAY

Sunday, Feb 5th

theSHACK – NOON – Tower Room

PLUS – Oneonta is Hosting a Super Game Party (Football, other games, food, friends)

The party officially starts at 3 and will go until about 7p but feel free to hang out post-SHACK (we won’t turn down setup help)

Got Questions – I’ve got answers!


Sunday, Jan 29th

Note: Start time is Noon in Tower! (There is a church members meeting at 11a so we want to allow some time for that before getting started.

We will conclude at the usual time of 1:15p.


Sunday, January 22nd

The SHACK is back tomorrow!

We’ll start with the ONE Worship crew at 11:15 in the library and then break off for youth-specific study and games. As usual, we’ll be done around 1:15 in Tower Room.

NOTE: A couple changes…

1 – We won’t be serving meals for lunch this semester. There will be plenty of snacks and treats but the youth won’t be providing hot meals for a number of reasons that I am happy to discuss with anyone interested.

2 – Our meetings are in multi-week modules. Check out the attached schedule. We are meeting in 2 and 3 week chunks for continuity (and those will now include 1st Sundays in some instances) but there are lots of holidays and special events that will prevent us from meeting in typical youth SHACK fashion so keep an eye out for these emails!


Winter Spring 2017 Schedule – tentative.pdf